About The Boxing Union of Ireland

On its formation in 1980, the Boxing Union of Ireland (BUI) was recognised by and became affiliated to the European Boxing Union and has overseen the sport since then in the Republic.

The BUI is responsible for the overseeing of all aspects of professional boxing in the Republic. Its functions include, inter alia

  • the licensing of Irish professional fighters;
  • the licensing of professional managers, trainers and seconds;
  • authorising any professional boxing promotion that takes place in the Republic;
  • the licensing of referees;
  • ensuring that the health and safety of all professional fighters is paramount, both in relation to any application for a professional fighter’s licence and in the running of any professional boxing promotion;
  • strict compliance by promoters, managers, trainers and fighters with the medical rules and requirements set down by the BUI.

Before 1980, there was no governing body for professional boxing in the Republic of Ireland. During the 1960s and 1970s, a group that went under the name of “The Irish Boxing Board of Control” and which was overseen by the late Terry Rogers, of Terry Rogers Bookmakers, availed of the services of the British Boxing Board of Control, which also controlled professional boxing in Northern Ireland. It was through the Irish Boxing Board of Control that the bout between Muhammad Ali and Al Blue Lewis was promoted in Croke Park on 19th July, 1972.

Organisational Structure


Brian McKeever

Vice President

Michael Conlon

Honorary President

Mr. Justice Kevin O’Higgins


Mel Christle


Patricia Connolly


Brian McKeever

Medical Officers

Prof. J.P. Philips  -  Mr. Joe McKeever  -  Dr. Michael Quirke  -  Mr. Terence Christle


Emile Tiedt  -  David Irving  -  Paul McCullough

Consultant Referee

Mickey Vann

Apprentice Referees

Vince Feeney - Patrick O'Reachtagáin

Media Officer

Colin Byrne


Mel Christle -  Anthony Lee  -  Ronald Williams  -  Alex McKenzie

Vince Feeney  -  Declan Kavanagh  -  Ian Enright  -  Peter Sargent  -  Mel Sutcliffe

James Flynn  -  Colin Hennessy  -  Michael Morrissey  -  Paul Ryan  -  Joe Keegan

Tom Conlon  -  Malachaí Duddy  -  Gary Daly  -  John Dyland  -  Andrew Robinson